GNDP Outreach Preamble


We agree that today sustainable development is a major challenge. Sustainable development requires meeting the basic needs of all and extending to all the opportunity to satisfy their aspirations for a better life.

We find the essential needs of vast numbers of people especially in developing countries are being met either partially or not being met at all. In spite of remarkable achievements and growth of human civilizations considerable population is still grappling with some acute and intense issues such as-hunger, drinking water & basic sanitation, extreme poverty, women safety, access to basic minimum health services, access to primary education etc.

We understand that the silent suffering and voicelessness of the affected groups further aggravates the situation. Such groups may include both human and non-human.

We agree that there is urgent need for empowering these groups by giving them voice and creating paths for sustainable and long lasting solutions.

We therefore at GNDP strive to work with a vision to be a collaborative platform for Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable communities worldwide.Where the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals being our guiding principles. This is our purpose and ultimate goal.







Enhance professional skills of public sector and development sector functionaries based on learnings from the global best practices.


Encourage business ideas in development sector and groom for - profit, responsible businesses focusing on achieving SDGs.



Increase quality,  efficiency and the competitiveness of public services by closer collaboration of private and public sector.


Identify and promote simple, affordable, smart and innovative technology for societal benefits.




To be a collaborative platform for equitable, inclusive and sustainable communities worldwide


To work towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Replicate successful ideas, projects and best practices across emerging market economies

Promote innovative solutions to social problems by mentoring social entrepreneurs across identified SDGs

Achieve public service excellence by enhancing professional skills of public & development sector functionaries

Promote PPPs & increase quality, the efficiency and the competitiveness of public services

Promote new, smart and innovative technologies for development



Professional Skills Accreditation Partners


Other Affliates coming soon. Regional Partners include Government, Marketing Partners and Resource Providers



Past Events

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Visit of Singapore delegation to Bandung Smart City, Indonesia –led by GNDP

September 3  2018, Bandung,  Indonesia

GNDP and Smart Cities Network(SCN) will spearhead the development of educational and training courses as part of the global movement towards achieving the UN SDGs,  offering solutions and services to the public and private sectors, and setting up the Smart City Accelerator Hubs.


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A Dialogue with GNDP, SMU and SMU ExD - Pursuing UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in ASEAN Smart Cities

July 30 2018, SMU Singapore

This Dialogue was a follow-up from the Roundtable for Inclusive Smart Cities held on 2nd July 2018 where key stakeholders shared summaries of their respective plans. 

In this Dialogue, GNDP shared their high-level plans for ASEAN Smart Cities with Singapore as their global hub.


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Roundtable on Inclusive Smart Cities

July 2 2018,  SGTech Singapore

This Roundtable was meant to socialise the concept of “Inclusive Smart Cities” to build more inclusive societies in the region, starting with India and ASEAN. The long-term goal of the new Action Cluster will be to address large scale societal needs, e.g. alleviate poverty, the ageging population, environmental concerns and the needy communities.