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The course introduces participants to data pre-processing and data wrangling techniques &  ML & AL algorithms. Participants are taught supervised and unsupervised techniques along with Decision Trees and Random Forest techniques. All the concepts taught will be followed by hands on exercises using codeless tools.

The pedagogy of the course has been designed to suit Graduates from any discipline. A unique feature of the course is the use of codeless methodology eliminating the need for learning programming languages like Python or R which by themselves take several months to learn and become hands on.

The codeless methodology will enable participants to quickly understand the concepts and get first hand on experience and acquire the necessary skills to pursue a career in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Course Benefits

✔ Understand and learn Data Pre-Processing & Data Wrangling techniques including feature engineering and feature extraction.

✔ Understand & learn Supervised and Unsupervised learning techniques.

✔ Understand & learn Decision Trees and Random Forest algorithms.

✔ Learn metrics for evaluation of the models.

✔ Develop the skills to analyse the data & build  appropriate models.

✔ Get hands on experience in completing projects using the codeless methodology understand and learn how to classify data types such as structured, unstructured and semi-structured data


Unique Teaching-Learning Process-4C methodology

The course follows a unique 4-C methodology to provide sound conceptual knowledge delivered through online instructor-led sessions  accompanied by home assignments which provide scope for analysing problems and solving them  using the conceptual knowledge learnt during the course.

Case Study

Joint Certification from GNDP and Sudaksha

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Complete all the modules in the course successfully to receive the Certification

Top skills you will learn from the course

Statistics, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Basic & Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts. Using ML, AI and Deep Learning algorithms to solve problems and cases using the codeless methodology.

Frequently asked questions

Why Codeless Methodology?

Most of the data science courses being taught today insist on learning programming languages like Python / R . However, learning coding from scratch for those who do not have a background in coding might itself take several months. It is not uncommon to find IT professionals who have moved to manager and senior manager roles have lost touch with coding. The codeless methodology removes the entry barrier of coding for those who aspire to learn data science, ML & AI.

Why is the Codeless Methodology Being Advocated?

The codeless methodology helps in solving ML/AI problems without going through the time consuming route of learning a programming language like Python / R. The programming route can also be a deterrent / barrier for professionals from non-technical backgrounds.

What are the Trends in Codeless Methodology?

Just like how Wordpress has democratized website building, Canva democratized design and Shopify democratized e-commerce, in the same way, Data Science is being democratized, thanks to the advent of codeless analytics tools. Professionals / Managers with domain knowledge can learn Data Science, ML and AI using the codeless tools and “ turn data into insights” without writing a single line of code.

What are the Dfferent Codeless Tools Available?

There are several tools available and some of them are open source, that can be downloaded free of cost and practiced.

How can the Codeless Tools Help us Learn Data Science?

The participants will be taught the theoretical concepts in Statistics, Maths and Data Science / ML/ AI algorithms.The codeless tools will then be used to solve problems , use cases and projects.

Is it Difficult to Learn the Codeless Tools?

Learning the tool is very easy as it involves drag and drop of objects similar to what we do in powerpoint. However, knowledge of the data science concepts and ML/AI algorithms is required to know what to drag, drop and configure. This is precisely what the participants will learn in parallel along with the codeless tool.

Does this Course Suit Participants from Non-technical Backgrounds?

The course is a boon to participants from non-technical backgrounds (including medical / pharma/ commerce graduates) as there is no programming involved. However, they should have an inclination to learn concepts of statistics and maths which are taught as part of this course.

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Course Instructor

Srinivasa Rao​ is an Engineering Post Graduate from IIT Chennai and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He is a practicing Data Scientist with an overall experience of 25+ years in diverse domains such as the public sector, finance, retail, biometrics, health, manufacturing & energy sectors.


He currently works on building Machine Learning and AI solutions in sectors such as retail, manufacturing and energy sectors.