Foundation Course in 

Data Science

Machine Learning &

Artificial Intelligence 

Using Codeless Methodology



6 Week

Course Duration

INR 19,500/-

India Participants 

USD $300/-

Int'l Participants

2nd August 2020

Start Date - 1st Batch

De-Risk Your Future

The demand for Data Science, AI and ML professionals is growing by leaps and bounds. This trend is expected to continue well into the future. For fresh graduates(from any discipline and without any prior programming knowledge), a sound knowledge of these domains will not only open up immediate job opportunities but will also provide a secure future. Also, with the
demand far outstripping supply for working
professionals with these skills, they can expect a significant hike in their salaries ranging from 40% to 300%.

Lack of Coding Skills Needn’t be a Showstopper


Whether you are a student with no flair for programming or a manager in-charge of Data Science, AI and ML projects with no coding knowledge (or have not been coding for a while), learning data science, AI and ML shouldn’t be a problem. Taught by experienced professionals in a simple and easy way, this course will help you learn Data Science, AI and ML without getting bogged down with learning Python or R programming.

Unique 4-C Approach

1. Concept 
2. Context 
3. Case
4. Codeless 

The Unique 4-C methodology has been developed to enable you to learn Data Science, AI and ML without writing a single line of Python or R code.


Multiple Benefits

  • All the concepts of mathematics, statistics, ML and AI are taught using the codeless 'Drag and Drop' methodology.


  • Students from any discipline with no prior programming knowledge can learn the Data Science, AI and ML with ease.


  • Time saved in learning Python and R will be utilized in providing hands-on experience in each of the Machine Learning and AI Algorithms.


  • Industry oriented course with hands-on exercises based on real-life industry cases using excel and codeless tools.


  • Choice of certification by the world ranked Lincoln University College, Malaysia or reputed Atal Behari Vajpayee IIIT, Gwalior

Course Fee

Participants from India - INR 19,500/-*

Others: USD $300/- * 

* Note - The fee listed is inclusive tax

Certificate of your Choice

The GNDP Advantage
  • Cutting edge curriculum designed by industry experts

  • Comprehensive & Rigorous curriculum with projects

  • Dedicated support system to answer all your queries

  • Peer to Peer networking with like-minded professionals


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