July 2 2018,  SGTech Singapore

The US Government, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launched the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) program in Sep 2014. The Singapore delegation, led by the InfoComm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the InfoComm Technology Industry body (SGTech) participated in their events in 2017. There are now a few Action Clusters led by IMDA and Singapore companies.

In a recent con-call with the US SuperCluster leaders, they had invited Mr Tay Kok Chin from Singapore to start a new Action Cluster. The “Inclusive Smart Cities” was proposed and a few organisations have expressed support. 

This Roundtable was meant to socialise the concept of “Inclusive Smart Cities” to build more inclusive societies in the region, starting with India and ASEAN. The long-term goal of the new Action Cluster will be to address large scale societal needs, e.g. alleviate poverty, the ageging population, environmental concerns and the needy communities. 


1) Brief Introduction of Attendees and Welcome by SGTech 
2) Introduction to the Proposed Action Cluster - "Inclusive Smart Cities" .
3) Sharing (by each person below for abt 10 mins).  

      - The BoPHub Strategy (a Global Hub) - Jack Sim
      - Planning for Inclusive Smart Cities - Peter Scott
      - Curriculum Dev for Smart Cities Training - Prof Garimella  
      - Collaboration with the UN Global Compact Cities - Prakash Kastam

      - Towards a Circular Economy - Waste Management - Ir Prof Daniel Cheng

      - Update on the ASEAN Smart Cities Network - Lim Teng Leng (Centre for Liveable Cities)

4) Roundtable Discussion - How we can collaborate 
5) Proposed Next Steps 
6) Q&A and end of Roundtable


1) Lim Teng Leng - Deputy Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), who is responsible in the overall coordination of the ASEAN Smart Cities. The CLC is the organizer of the World Cities Summit, scheduled to commence from 8-July-2018.

2) Prof Jack Sim - Founder of BoPHub, who also founded the World Toilet Organization. He is a Social Entrepreneur of the World Economic Forum, Ashoka Global Fellow, Time Magazine Hero of the Environment 2008 and Creator of the United Nation (UN) World Toilet Day on 19 Nov

3)  Peter D Scott - President and CEO PDSI Group. Was awarded a Citation from the World Sustainability Congress as one of the top 50 most impactful Smart City Leaders globally.

4) Prof. Somayajulu Garimella - Director, Global Network of Development Professionals. Distinguished Dean and Director for top academic institutions in India, including as Professor and Head (Academics-Executive Education) S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

5) Prakash Kamtam - Director, Global Network of Development Professionals. Former civil servant in India with distinguished career for over 20+ years, and now Urban Scholar for the United Nation (UN) Global Compact Cities Programme. .

6) Ir Professor Daniel M. Cheng - Managing Director of Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Ltd, Honorary Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Founding President of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association.